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Verified Customer Data. Actionable Reporting.

Be informed, accurately collect from quality clients, and protect your business from unfavorable customers.


Decline Managment

Companies running digital transactions without the customer present (ecommerce and recurring billing) on average will have 2 out of 10 transactions that do not fund. These unfunded transactions always have a fee attached and create monetary losses through missed sales, higher industry costs, and product loss. By using deep data analytics EIGHT’s proprietary software solution decreases transaction declines, increases the number of successful sales, helps identify potentially fraudulent transactions, and eliminates excessive fee expenses.


Automated Accounting

CFOs, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs spend hours trying to understand the cost of accepting digital transactions. With limited data, confusing reports, and disingenuous payment partners, it is difficult to find all true costs. Automated accounting means never wondering if your business knows the truth of your transaction costs while decreasing the time and headache of dealing with incomplete statements. Partners using EIGHT’s automated accounting will be able to spend more time managing their business and increasing revenue.


Enhanced Customer Data

Better understand customer behavior and needs by leveraging verified consumer payment data companies. EIGHT will scrub, classify, and normalize thousands of data points so that businesses can improve their customers experience while providing the intelligence to help make informed customer decisions. Businesses understand that consumer data is of great value, but they rarely can leverage the data. EIGHT’s hosted solutions provide an easy to use analytic solution reports for all business


Cost Transparency

How do businesses know if they have received a fair price for accepting digital payments? Fees and other costs are almost impossible to understand, monitor, and anticipate. With EIGHT’s transparent fee reporting proprietary software not only will you know exactly what your costs are on every transaction, but each fee is labeled and categorized by the fee’s source. This reliable system is the most efficient way to allow businesses to audit payment partners and hold them accountable for unknown costs. Now businesses can truly understand their credit card fees, adjust where needed, and maximize company profits.

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